Government intervention in trade (reflection paper)

Government intervention in trade (reflection paper).

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The article deals with the subject of solar panels installed by SunEdison Inc., an American company, on a farm in Bicester, England. One of the segments of the company provides solar energy services that integrate the design, installation, financing, monitoring, operations and maintenance portions of the downstream solar market for its customers. SolarEdison have installed rooftop solar panels on about 700.000 British households at no cost in return for a share of the savings the British home owners made on their government-subsidized electricity bills. After the decision of the Conservative Government of Prime Minister David Cameron came out to cut the subsidies by 87 percent, the new solar power systems will not be eligible for subsidies. In the government’s view, the nascent solar power industry has to start surviving on its own. The cuts in solar subsidies are expected to start in the coming January and are a part of a broad programme trimming renewable energy.

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  • Government intervention in trade (reflection paper)
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