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Homework Project „ Business English Documents File “. Letter of Complaint. Motivation letter for a job.

Write a Letter of Complaint according to all the rules and including all its constituent parts.

Write your Letter of Motivation as an Erasmus exchange student./Motivation letter for a job.

Choose 10 questions from the list of interview questions provided on page 15 and answer them in a written form.

Last month I graduated from the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. I just made degree in automobile electronics systems. During my studies I gained experience in electronics engineering and in cars electronics systems. Also I had some practice. This helped me to gain experience, which I think is needed for work with cars.

Answer: My name is Lukas Garla. I am student at Vilnius College Of Technologies And Design. I am studying automobile electronics systems. Currently I live in Vilnius.

Answer: I developed skills mainly of electronics and other cars systems.

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