International trade project

International trade. Introduction. Work objective To explore the main aspects of international trade Work tasks. International trade is the exchange of capital. International Trade Forms. Import and export of goods Import and export of services. List of document. Commercial invoice Certificate. International Commercial Terms. Incoterms (international commercial. The Incoterms rules are accepted by governments. New classification of Incoterms conditions. In Incoterms 2010 the number of terms has been reduced to. Terms used for maritime and internal waterway transport. Classification is influenced by. Shipping terms. Delivery terms. Summing up. Literature list.

Work objective: To explore the main aspects of international trade Work tasks: 1. Find out about international trade 2. Examine International Commercial Terms 3. Analyze briefly

Shipping terms – conditions pursuant to which a delivery is carried out until the moment of transfer of the goods. Thus, all risks connected with transport are generally imposed upon the buyer, although in certain cases the seller can also assume corresponding expenses. This group includes the conditions of groups ”E”, ”F” and ”C”.

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  • International trade project
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