Free trade or fair trade

Free trade. Or. Fair trade. Free Trade and fair trade may sound like similar economic concepts. What is free trade? “The unrestricted sale. Free trade means that anyone can trade with anyone else. What is fair trade? “A movement whose. Fair trade is all about how workers in developing countries are being treated. Free trade defines the international exchange of goods and services with minimal or no barriers. Fair trade focuses on improving the standard of living of producers in developing countries. Pros. Lower prices Increased economic. Excellent wage system Work. Cons. Free Trade Is About Profits. Fair Trade Is About People. Thank you for your attention!

Lower prices Increased economic growth, better profits No tariff barriers Beneficial for businesses Increased exports Incresed competition Investment from foreign countries.

Free trade means workers earn less. Long working hours and poor conditions Job losses Bad for small or new companies Pollution, lack of environmental protections.

Excellent wage system Work safety, better conditions Equal job opportunities Small bussinesses are able to compete with large bussinesses Organic techniques are often used to create fair trade products.

High fees, taxes, tariffs Products cost more The amount of product choice is greatly reduced Smaller market competition Ineffiecient.

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  • Free trade or fair trade
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