International business economic conspectus

Why do we trade with other countries? What do we export sell abroad. What is the goal of trade. What does the term free trade mean. What main benefits of free trade do you know. Differences between international trade and home trade. What is the comparative advantage , absolute advantage. What were the mercantilists' views on trade? How do they relate to current proponents of protectionism. What Is Porter’s Diamond of Competitive Advantage. What are the methods to protect local economy against international competition. What is the Trade Protectionism. What are the major international institutions to facilitate international trade. What is the role of the World Bank and the WTO. What kind of trade barriers do you know. Review the arguments for trade protection. Comment on the arguments. In a small country. In a large country. Review the arguments for the partial equilibrium effects of a tariff and a quota. How might they differ. Excluding tariffs and quotas , review other protectionist devices. What are they and how do they work. What is the advantage of free market economy. What is the International Business. What is globalization. What are the benefits of globalization for the average person company. What are the drawbacks of globalization for the average person company.

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  • International business economic conspectus
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