Water supply

Water supply. Ground floor plan. First floor plan. Cold water axonometric scheme. Cold water flow. HOT water axonometric scheme. Ph=7,9 l/s u=. Hot water flow. Our chosen house is situated in Biržai city. Storm water collecting. Storm water collecting pipes are marked in green and have an inclination of. Sewer system. Sewer system axonometric scheme. Water filters are use to soften the water in the household. Water filters. Final flow for cold water is taken qmax(cold) =. Water filter parameters. Thank you for your attention.

Our chosen house is situated in Biržai city, Lithuania. For the storm water collecting we will use aluminum pipes. Roof area is 86.4 m2 converted to hectares is 0.00864 ha. Sewer flooding probability is chosen to be average in our case, which gives p = 1 year. Concentration time can wary between 2-10 min. We assume that tcons (concentration time) = 5min, because of the slope and area. Average runoff coef Cvid depends on the surface. It varies from 0.75 to 0.95 for roofs. We use tar and grave for our roof, so our Cvid.

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  • Water supply
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