Cad cam

Cad cam.

Here I have modelled a simple 3D surface by using an Autodesk Inventor software.

Second step was to produce a fully dimensioned orthographic drawing on Autodesk Inventor.

Exporting 3D modelled component from Inventor to FeatureCAM. And the following steps are: Right click on a component, then selecting option “export file as” and save as Complex.DXF file. By doing this later I will be able to open this file in FeatureCAM software.

We don’t have a 4th axis, so I just choose an option NO.

In this section of work I have to generate cutter pats for the component. Here I need to split this in to two separate part programs. First we will machine internal features which is pocket and holes and then after the external features which is the boss.

After selecting the pocket, dialog box appears where I select the machining curve.

Here I select the machining strategies for the internal pocket.

Here is the review of the selected options for machining the pocket.

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