Alternate energy sources

Introduction. How Solar Energy Works? Advantages of Solar Energy. Disadvantages of Solar Energy. The Process of Wind Energy. Kind of Wind Farms. How can Wind Energy be Planet Friendly? Advantages of Wind Energy. Disadvantages of Wind Energy. Geothermal Energy. Geothermal Energy Existence. Future Of Geothermal Energy. Advantages Of Geothermal Energy. Disadvantages Of Geothermal Energy. Hydroelectric Energy. Production of electricity. How does Hydroelectric Power Work? Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy. Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Energy. Biomass Energy. Disadvantages of Biomass Energy. Ocean Energy. Different Types of Ocean Energy. Wave Energy. Tidal Energy. Ocean Thermal Energy. Advantages of Wave Energy. Disadvantages of Wave Energy.

The movement of water which is kinetic energy is converted into some useful mechanical energy. This mechanical energy of turbines is then converted by generators into electrical energy. The average volume of water and the height to which the water is thrown (head height) determine the amount of electrical energy produced. The hydro energy was used only for irrigation of land in the past but now they can be used to produce electricity on a very large scale.

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  • Alternate energy sources
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