Solar System Around the Sun

Solar System Around the Sun.

The distance between the Sun and Jupiter varies from 740 million. up to 816 million. km, the Sun orbit the Earth 11.86 per year. This - the largest of the Solar System with a diameter larger than the Earth 11 times, volume - once in 1331, and mass - 317 times.

Uranus - the first planet of the solar system, discovered through the telescope. 1781. 13 March. planet discovered by Englishman William Hersel. Planet named after the Greek god Uranus oldest name. Uranus - giant planet - its diameter can be ordered 4 Earth-sized planets, and the mass of the planet to make 14 Earth-sized planets. Uranus orbits of 6.8 km / s to orbit the Sun and our over 84 years. Very elongated orbit - perihelion Uranus is 270 million. km closer to the sun than afelyje.

Neptune has 14 known natural satellites. The largest of them - Triton, discovered by William Lassell, after only 17 days after the discovery of Neptune. Newt, unlike other large planetary satellites orbiting in the opposite orbit. Other better known moons of Neptune: Nereid, Proteus, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa. Another five satellites discover in 2002-2003.

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