Electrical cars

Introduction. Advantages. Disadvantages. History. Technical possibilities. Impact on the environment and the city. Components. Technical possibilities. Lithuanian electric car Electron Twingo. A tiny problem - electromobiles aren't. "Green" at all. Future perspectives. Sources.

Air pollution in the world is currently critical indicators, we have to contribute to the environment, at least in order to take care and understand exactly what kind of environment we live in ourselves, every breath of our children, what awaits them in the future. Every day traveling to work, study or elsewhere, we use transport, so choosing the electric car, we can protect the environment and also to successfully reach their destination. Currently, the electric vehicle market is not developed, electric emphasized as one of the main technological alternatives with high potential to reduce pollution and energy dependence, importance. Also, the foot usually are brought and the European Union standardization, electric vehicles must be periodically recharged, and this service must be available in all EU countries, so far, this condition is not met throughout Europe.

“Zero” emmisions (electric vehicles do not emit nothing through pipe as gasoline cars do).

Low maintenance costs (electricity is much cheaper than gasoline, electromobiles do not require oil change and are more reliable).

Anyos Jedlik created a tiny electric car model in 1828.

One charge distance covered: it can vary from 80 km to 160 km. Some electric models like the Tesla Model S, a single charge can drive 480 kilometers, and the record of the Audi car is 600 km. However, the most likely distance to be traveled on a single charge for the average electric model is about 130 km (average class M1 vehicle (passenger vehicles with no more than 8 passenger seats and 1 seat driver) Lithuania per day traveled 38 km).?

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