Raising finance Lecture plan

Raising finance Lecture plan.

3. Mark Blaney: Raising Finance for your business, How to books, 2006

/1. Warmer. Finance is the way money is made, lent or used. To describe the financial situation of a government, organization or person, we talk about their finances. The way that something is paid for is the way that it will be financed- its financing.

Starting up. Comparing sources of borrowing money and talking about and discussing some common sayings about money. Trying to find out some Lithuanian equivalents.

Financial terms- cash flow, equity, asset, possession, fee, charge, interest, bankruptcy, warranty, overpayment, indemnity, investment, administration, dividend, stock, instalment, subsidy, credit, overdraft, mortgage, budget, collateral, share, venture, grant, debtor, debt, liabilities, deposit.

For beginning discussing question: How can start-up companies raise money ?

Playing the role play game in pairs, while one student is Sarah and the other the investor.

4. Language review: Dependent prepositions. Learning the prepositions that follow certain verbs, adjectives and nouns and use them in the context.

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