Lesson Plan: Subject - English

Lesson Plan Subject - English. Lesson Plan Subject. Number of Pupils. Time Stage Activity. Main Skills. Integrated Skills. Aims. Previous Knowledge. Materials. Class description.

Students will comprehend the grammar form and use it to create new sentences.

Previous Knowledge: Pupils have seen and heard about Present Simple.

Teacher asks if pupils have done their homework from previous lesson

Some of them answer yes and some of them say no.

If all the pupils are not prepared for the class.

Solution: to skip this part of the lesson and ask students to do it for the next time.

The teacher explains what present simple is and when it is used.

The teacher introduce the action: Picks up a newspaper and pretends to read it. Asks the students what he/she is doing.

Teacher introduces Present Simple – negative. Teacher makes a statement in the affirmative, then makes one in negative with don’t. I live in Vilnius, I don’t live in the Kaunas. Then teacher asks students to do the same presenting first an affirmative, then a negative and to practice all persons except the third person singular.

Teacher introduces Present Simple – Questions (third person singular) Contrast students’ habits. Makes a statement about one, then asks about another student. Teacher says Gabriele walks to school. Does Vilius walk to school?

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