Marketing plan of snow arena

Marketing plan of snow arena.

The main Snow Arena track would be divided in to three different slopes – Skiing Slope for beginners, the Main Skiing slope and a Snowboard Park. The snow in the complex would be made using the Powder Star Series technology. Water and air would be the only ingredients used in the snow making process. The temperature inside should always be kept from -2 °C till -4 °C.

The Snow Arena would have a variety of services to provide that could earn our company a great portion of profit.

The Skiing slope for beginners would be a special place meant for learning and improving skiing and snowboarding skills for beginners. This way people would have a chance to find a new sports branch that they like and can improve. Also the slope would include skiing courses with instructors This would be more of the entertainment part for the customers and they could see whether they enjoy skiing or not.

The Main skiing slope would be a place for professionals and advanced skiers and snowboarders. This slope would be arranged for training and competition. In this part of the Snow Arena, professionals could have a chance to participate in contests and win prizes.

Lastly, inside the Snow Arena customers would be able to find other entertainments such as bars and restaurants, special warm places for children till 12 years old and a snow equipment shop for the snow skiing and snowboarding sportsmen.

In order to introduce the Snow Arena in Portugal we have analysed the market. First of all, we have analysed current Portugal population and break down of age groups. Further on, our research showed that there is no such service in the Portugal market yet, meaning that we have an upper hand.

Based on the recent data there are almost 10,8 miilion people in the Portugal (July 2014 est,). Population growth rate is estimated to be 0,12 %. As to be break-down the population into the age groups we have 15,9 % for children ages between 0-14 years old almost equally split between male and female, 65,5 % of the population is between the ages of 15-64 years old, again almost equally split between male and females, finally there is the age bracket between 65 and older of 18,6 %, males 824,062 and females 1,191,548. The Portugal is urbinized country as 61,1 % of the population is living in the cities.

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