Plans for multiple essays

Plans for multiple essays.

Introduction: Crimes are being committed everywhere in the world every day.1st argument: Bringing back the death penalty could help.Support: Potential criminals would get frightened.So what: Crime would reduce, tax payers money could be invested in social equity instead of prison.2st argument: More attention should be paid to children and teenagers.Support: There should be more lectures about the consequences of committing crimes.So what: It could reduce the chance of teenagers growing up as criminals.Conclusion: Arguments stated above could help in build up a new and law-abiding society.

Introduction: Every democratic country has its own national elections, during which citizens vote for their representatives.1st argument: teenagers would feel more responsible for their decisions.Support: These days many people don’t know the political aims of the parties and youngsters could get used to the political system.So what: Teenagers could get so interested in politics that they would launch a political campaign themselves and improve political activity.2st argument: Teenagers have many modern ideas and they are not afraid to take risks.Support: Older people constantly vote for the same political parties while youngsters enjoy trying new things.So what: It would improve our politics.

Introduction: Politics influences almost everything we face during the day.

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