Vocabulary + Grammar Unit 5B english test

Complete the headlines with the correct noun form of the words below. Complete the sentences by adding the prefixes mis - or dis - to the words in brackets. Complete the sentences with two of the prepositions listed below. Brackets. Circle the correct words to complete the text. Don’t have to. Complete the sentences with the modal verbs below. Use each modal verb once.

4 Dan has definitely lived up to his parents’ expectations. He’s been to an excellent university and has now found a good job.

According to the new cafeteria rules, they can’t sell fast food anymore. I think this is very restrictive because sometimes I prefer burgers for lunch. And I don’t think that it is legal to force people to eat what they don’t want to!

At my school, it is obligatory to attend all lessons. It is prohibited to go home when you want.

2 If I was(be) you, I’d give the gun to the police officer.

3 If Colin had more free time, he would join(join) the dance club.

4 What would you do(you / do) if you knew who stole your purse?

10 The police wouldn’t put (not put) people in prison if they weren’t guilty.

11 I will explain (explain) everything if you promise not to tell anyone.

12 What will he do(he / do) if he gets caught by the police?

In our classroom, you 1mustn’t use your mobile phone during the lessons or exams. You 2have to switch it off. That’s the school rule. You 3don’t have to wear the uniform on Fridays. Personally, I 4’d prefer not to wear it at all because I think uniforms make everybody look the same. In fact, if they 5made me school director, I 6’d allow everybody to wear whatever they wanted, when they wanted!

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