Integrity has no need for rules

Integrity has no need for rules.

Becoming a bystander as you see your country, its liberty and people being taken away is easier than stepping out of the forced-upon ruling and revolting. Restricting your principles and virtues to what is expected of you by the majority allows for an „easy way out“.

Observing crimes against humanity, watching helplessly as those past our grasp suffer is simpler than interfering in what may break rules of foreign policy, international law or worldwide agreements. Killing one‘s imagination and vision of a morality-based coexistence helps us close our eyes and forget what is happening behind our backs.

What these words mean to us is if we allow the underlying sense of right and wrong to overcome what is expected of us and what we are limited to by the rules society sets to us, we combine the basic humane behaviour – the moral law alongside a universally developed sense of compassion and taking action for the „a higher cause“ – achieving heights of change unparallel to others (or the starry skies, as Immanuel Kant sees it).

When our forefathers in the past armed themselves and revolted against oppression, becoming partisans and freezing in the woods with their brothers in arms, knowing that they may fall the next day and never see their families again, their integrity and sought-after virtues of a free homeland knew no rules.

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