English Letter examples

English Letter examples.

I am writing in connection with a request to suggest or book good hotels at Turkey. Next week, from 11th of March till 15th of March, I am traveling a for a business meeting in Istanbul city. I wish that hotel would be located near city centre and it would at least would have 4 stars. Also, it would be very useful if hotel would have a sauna and swimming pool and it does not matter where - either inside or outside or even both. To add more, I would like there to be a very nice restaurant where food price would be included in staying at hotel price. Also, having a bar at a lobby would be nice too, even nicer if drinks would be free for guests of hotel. The price limits would be 190 euro per night but not cheaper than 100 euros, because from my own experience any hotel that cheap is no good.

Now are the times when young men have lots of free time. Some young men have too much free time and waste it on useful things, for instance, painting some graffiti on the walls, vandalizing private or public property. But not all young men, who usually are called teenagers, do some bad stuff.

Firstly, there are a lot of activists among teenagers who participate in public events, political campaigns. I know some teenagers who spent theirs whole weekend participating in political campaign events before local elections. Those friends are real activists who already has a life goals and tries to seek them. Moreover, in my school there are a lot of teenagers who already set their goals and tries to seek them. Maybe they are not as active as those who I mentioned before, but they at least have their life goals not like many other teenagers around the world.

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