Opinion essay

Opinion essay.

In addition to that, people who propagate these activities tend to be aggressive as they are stimulated to use power and often cast negative emotions. In fact, people may become horrific if they are full of hatred and temper since they find it important to win at any cost. Also, that may affect the spectators because they may try to carry out actions of force with other people who may suffer.

On the other hand, some people say that violent sports can accumulate a great wealth or give fame and recognition because champions win solid prices. However, they are mistaken justifying this approach as it may endanger athlete’s health. Naturally, violent sports may disturb mental activity since strong strokes to the heart area may cause a concussion.

To conclude, I strongly believe that violent sports should be forbidden or strictly controlled because they deteriorate physical and psychological state of athletes. Certainly, such unpredicted activities can induce incurable health problems which will stay serious even after the end of professional career. Hopefully, in the future such sports will be prohibited owing to the damage for sportsmen and public.

Intro : 1-2s- about what? 3s- your opinion (I believe....)

10. a wide range of vocabulary, use of rare words ( the elderly, assume, ignorance, in terms of), collocations (pass a law, commit a crime)

Computers have a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, using them for a long time is definitely harmful. In fact, staring at a screen for long periods of time can be damaging to the eyes. Secondly, computers distract from social interactions such as conversations. Also, people can be inclined to become antisocial and stay at home to use their computer. Finally, the most persuasive argument is that the more jobs are done by computers, the less is done by people.

To list points: one major advantage/disadvantage of, first of all, to start with, one point of view in favour of/against, moreover, secondly,( thirdly, finally, last but not least, )etc.

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