Opinion Essay: choose the correct items

Opinion essay. Read the essay and choose the correct items. Famous people should be given more protection from the media. Therefore On the other hand. What is more / On the other hand. For example For this reason. Last but not least / To conclude. Fill in the missing sentences into the opinion essay below. Are computers a necessity. Choose one topic and write an essay expressing opinion. Use the plan and useful language box. Family or friends - which is more important.

"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about," playwright Oscar Wilde once said. I completely 1) disagree/agree with him. Celebrities do not require any special treatment to protect their privacy.

2) Firstly/Secondly, facing the media is part of being famous and comes with the job. If someone doesn't like being in the limelight and being pursued by the paparazzi, then they shouldn't choose to follow a celebrity career.

3) However/Additionally, many celebrities actually court the media to attract attention to themselves. They know that the media makes them the famous personalities they are. 4) Therefore/On the other hand, seeking to avoid it would work against the interests of their career.

5) What is more/ On the other hand, some claim that exposure to the media may adversely affect celebrities' lives. 6) For example/For this reason, the children of famous people can suffer from undesirable publicity.

6) Last but not least/ To conclude, I believe that Oscar Wilde was absolutely right. Celebrities should welcome attention from the media as part of their job.

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  • Opinion Essay: choose the correct items
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