Forum cinemas strategy analysis

Forum cinemas strategy analysis.

The article identifies six requirements in order to create such an integrated strategy machine:

Relevant, specific strategic aim (and humans must frame the central question).

Correct human-machine division of labor. (People think better about the problems, as machines better perform solutions).

Integrated solution. (Solution should be integrated in order to achieve a common goal, rather than individual operations).

Thus, article provides 5 questions for business leaders who want to start to design an integrated strategy. They should ask themselves:

What strategic aims do they wants to realize through a technology-enhanced process?

What technology, people, and design do they need to address aims?

To sum up, most machines need a lot of time to become successful. But the authors believe that if businesses reshapes the way they develop and execute their strategies, then they could take advantage of integrated strategy machine benefit.

In 2002, ‚Forum Cinemas‘ development and modernization. Long-term contract with an international network of centers of cinema ‚Forum Cinemas‘ was signed.

Economic environment. Also the economic environment affects companies and organization activities. Some less, others more, it depends on their type of activity. These days, most organizations can not optimally develop their activities. Government often makes new law, that is not good for people, for example biggest taxes. 'Forum Cinemas' has to take into account on customers and their incomes in order to gain customers and do not get losses. Companies discounts and stock system helps to expand the customer base and maintain old customers.

Technological environment. In expanding technological world, it is important to go hand in hand with innovation. For Forum Cinemas it is not a difficult task, because the film industry of its technology is rapidly moving away. Impressive 3D effects, wide screens, modern audio equipment and digital projectors allows customers to experience even greater pleasure by watching the movie in halls, and it helps the company to get a lot of customers. Comfortable chairs and cozy atmosphere creates a feeling of comfort. also advertising very helps for companies profit, as advertisers appears before the film.

Social environment. Forum Cinemas key demographic segments is age. Most often it is the middle-aged and young people who go to cinema. However, the by expanding genres of film older people more often go to watch a movie. The main aim of the company is to attract as many as possible of all ages and interests of people. Therefore, Forum Cinemas movie genres very are different from the cartoon to comedy, romantic, drama and horror films and other genres, which are requested by viewers.

The company is big, has branches in five major Lithuanian cities, has 138 employees. Each employee has their own set of responsibilities. However, to perform some activities, company use other companies services in order to facilitate the company's business from the inside. Because company is large, its management is difficult, and therefore, management system is broader. Each emploee of every branch is subordinate to the branch administration and each administration is subordinate to the general director Arunas Baltrušaitis.

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