Social media monologue

Social media monologue.

Because of all these things I don’t like sharing lots of information online. I show on my pages only the things that I feel comfortable sharing, like name, age and school name. In other words just information that they can easily find and that doesn’t let them to actually know me. And I wouldn’t share something like childhood pictures or relationship status because, in my opinion, that is the information only my friend needs to know. For other email address or phone number, that can easily be changed, is more than enough to reach me.

But in times like these it’s hard to see the line of sharing too much. And that leads to a thing like “collecting” friends. It’s insane how a human being can have more that 500 friends on Facebook and not even a single one real friend in reality. If we think about it, it’s not possible to have that many friends because in order to call someone your friend you need to spend a lot of time together and connecting to 500 people when you have only 24 hours in a day is impossible.

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