Girteka - transport logistic company

Girteka - transport logistic company.

. To find out advantages and disadvantages in the company’s management.

JSC “Girteka“ delivers all kinds of logistic services which could be required by clients. “Girteka“ is the leading company in Lithuania and all Baltic region. Also, loads are shipped in Europe and Scandinavian countries by refrigerators, big capacity auto-trains and trucks. Transportation conditions are different because there are transported goods of variyng temperatures.

Logistic centre is renewed and modern, all means of transport is provided with GPS systems and mobile connection. Moreover, successfully established various transportation branches and connection of different transportation ways help “Girteka“ to stay the leadering company. Increasing demand for goods in many European and Scandinavian countries, also the USA requires the company to use rail and sea transport to deliver large loads successfully.

Staff department is ruled by a deputy. One‘s team consists of a finance controller, lawyer, claims handling group which cares about tangible assets and insurrance of employees, solves possible accidents compensation problems and other spheres. Administrators take care about documentation and essential work stationary, a courier is also always ready to deliver different documents on time.

Excise Cargo department takes care about loads which are transported from West to East. Usually it is alcoholic drinks.

Eksport department basically works with clients, who are interested in transportation from eastern European to western European countries.

Business Development department aims to search new reliable partners and try to assure long- lasting relationships.

Transport department. There work managers and they take care about suitable routes of loads, they solve problems drivers face on the road.

Finance department assures that bosses of a company would be constantly aware about finansial position of a company.

Staff department aims to find motivated, reliable, honest and qualified workers to make a profit for a company.

This time the staff of Girteka is more than 390 (insured). About 90% of staff are drivers. There are applied motivated conditions for staff to earn a higher salary. A salary is thoroughly fixed for each worker evaluating their work results, motivation, efforts and individual input into the company‘s profit. Salary is paid on time. In addition, Girteka implements precise staff selection and there is created a good motivational system, the change of staff is very little (3 or 5 persons per year). Staff usually leaves the position because of retirement , changing the departments or starting studies. It means that staff values work position and are loyal to the company. Staff loyalty guarantees more productive work and better results.

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