84% live in England, 8% live in Scotland, 5% live in Wales and 3% live in Northern Ireland.

53 million live in England, 5.2 million live in Scotland, 3 million live in Wales and 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland.

It means there are more and more elderly people around.

What do you call the count of the whole /houl/ population?

It collects information about your age, housing, place of birth, health, marital status, ethnicity, the language you speak etc.

They send a form to every household and you have to answer the questions and send the form back.

For how long are the results of the census confidential?

87.1% are White, 2% are mixed, 7% are Asian or Asian British, 3% are Black or Black British and 0.9 % are Other.

There are Irish people, Italian people, Greeks, Canadian and a lot of people from the new EU members, i.e. Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Romanian people.

What accents and languages do people speak in different parts of the UK?

People speak Geordie accent in Newcastle (Tyneside), Scouse accent in Liverpool and Cockney in London. They also speak languages different from English, i.e. Scottish Gaelic in Scotland, Irish Gaelic in Northern Ireland and Welsh in Wales.

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