Truth telling

Truth telling.

While lying is seen as negative thing, and effective only in a short term, truth telling is highly appreciated and encouraged. Truth telling might be not an easy option- it requires you to stand for what you believe and risk of lot of things. (Norton, 2016, p. 3) Also it is important not to mix truth telling with being a cynic, you cannot insult someone at work, by telling your honest opinion. You must to differ two things, when its good to tell a truth, and when its good to be just polite. (Norton, 2016,p. 49) A published author and professional speaker, David Weedmark in one of his articles, had published why to tell a truth in a workplace is a good choice. He says truth telling is crucial in building your own reputation, increasing efficiency, also encouraging honesty in others and building relationships. (Weedmark, (n.d.)) We all know that reputation is the thing you cannot buy, you must build that, and sometimes reputation is a key to your success. People care what others think about them because we are all interdependent, so it is important to have a good reputation that the doors would be always open for you. Truth telling is one of the key things building your reputation, because it is true that people can trust you. Trust is fundamental in relationships at work (Shockley-Zalabak, 1991, p. 164) and if you are honest, not a liar, people can trust you and you may build strong and beneficial relationships with people. Your persona might be an example for others, you as a honest all-loved, successful person might be a motivation for others, therefore building a net of trust and honesty, you might increase company’s efficiency. (Shockley-Zalabak, 1991, p. 247-249) For example, if your boss presents his new idea for some project, and you won’t lie how perfect it is and you offer some new ideas, and other employees follows your example, your company might do just a great project, increase profitability, uniqueness and innovation and creativity.

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