My view in respect for women

My view in respect for women .

I think that the man who has not respect for himself, can not expect respect from the other person. Respect comprehensible how the other person's feelings, his needs, thoughts, wishes and ideas. All this is like a recognition of the significant, worthy of attention, and has a different value of with things. With respect to the other person, is it to take that person's individuality and strangeness. Respect can be shown on the behavior or be felt. For example., You can feel respect for the other and you can feel respectable. Since the person is able to control their behavior, not always respectful behavior means tangible respect for the other. On the other hand, if a person feels respect for others, his behavior will naturally respectful.

At all times, a woman described as homes and family defender. Although many centuries have passed this specification applied until now.

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  • My view in respect for women
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