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Fire Fighting Equipment. Maritime English Vocabulary Practice. Fire fighting equipment classification. Fire main and foam systems. Drenching system. Sprinkler system. Hi fog (water mist) system. Fire extinguishers. Extinguishing agents. Smothering blanket. Inert gas and CO2 systems. Other fixed firefighting equipment. PPE Personal Protective Equipment Fireman’s outfit. Breathing aparatus. Asssistance in case of emergency. In conclusion, it can be said. Stay safe at sea.

Fixed fire fighting systems Fire main; CO2 system and inert gas system; Drenching system; Sprinkler system; Hi fog system; Other passive elements of firefighting system. Portable fire fighting equipment Fire extinguishers; Smothering blankets. Personal protective equipment Fireman’s outfit; Breathing aparatus.

Fire main consists of: The sea chest; The sea water tank(s); Pumps and piping; Hydrants; Fire hoses. Foam is produced By adding chemicals to the sea water .

It makes the surfaces soak with water thus preventing the spread of fire to important areas. It is used: on deck, at lifeboat embarkation areas, At the hatches of holds with dangerous cargo. It can be not automatic and started in case of fire hazard.

An automatic system; Reacts to smoke or heat detectors; Extinguishing agent – water; For accomodation spaces and other areas; Can not be used for areas that contain electric appliances or oils.

Converts water to uniform and fine water mist. Cargo holds of ro-ro ships with self-propelled vehicles are required to have at least three water fog applicators.

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