Smart materials in engineering presentation

Faculty of engineering sciences. Smart materials in engineering. Content. What is smart materials. History. Types of materials. Type examples. A smart fluid developed in labs at the Michigan Institute of Technology. Type examples. Manufacture. Application. Double valve engine thermostat. Reference LIst. Žodynas.

Kaunas technical collegeFaculty of engineering sciencesSmart materials in engineering.

Smart materials are designed materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli (stress, temperature, light, moisture, pH, electric or magnetic fields, pressure, etc.). This change is reversible and can be repeated many times.

First research on smart materials was done by ARNE OLANDER in 1938, but they came into real light in 1960’s. After this period these material came into wide use due to their dynamic properties exhibited by them.

There are a wide range of different smart materials. Each offer different properties that can be changed. The combination of physics, chemistry, and the focus on the relationship between the properties of a material and its microstructure is the domain of Smart materials. The development of this field allowed designing materials and provided a knowledge base for the different engineering applications.

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