Stormwater management

Stormwater in rural and urban areas. Storage type devices. Infiltration type devices. Cost consideration and health aspects. O&M, applicability, cons and pros. References.

All stormwater management systems need a proper O&M service. Regular maintenance extends the life of stormwater systems, improves site drainage, and reduces pollution entering surface waters and groundwater. Governmental facilities as well as private property owners are responsible for O&M. Applicability. Theoretically, stormwater management is necessary in every settlement, rural or urban, to protect human health, prevent water pollution, (re-)use precipitation water (on agriculture or household level) and prevent damages to infrastructure. It is essential in urban areas where constructed surfaces change the hydraulic properties and prevent infiltration. The whole management has to be adapted to the local conditions (climate, topography, resources, etc.). Therefore, expert knowledge is required.

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  • Stormwater management
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