Dream House

Dream House.

I live in a five-storey block of houses building in the latest floor. This block of houses is antiend from red tyles with huge windows, and everyone have a balcony. My house is bedsitter so it have just one room, kichen and toilet. In main room is everything I need: in the top there is bed, working table, pc and also tv. In the centre of room there is carpet and near huge windows there is curtains. My kichen is small just most important things like table there I eat, frigde, gas stove, microwave oven. In toilet also just needest things like bath and toilet, also huge mirror. I flat have some amenities like water-line and central heeting.

Now I live in my temprary house so I dont want to change anything. There is my parents house and I cant do everything I like to .

If I wanted to rent or buy accomodation what preferences would be of the greatest importance ( conveviences, cost, servises, facilities)

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