Luxurious Notch House

Luxurious Notch House.

Interior of this house is very expensive, luxorious and modern. All things in this house are shining.

It has a huge garage, candy room, cinema room, its own gym and a large living room with a stunning view.

This house also has a lot of relax zones, in which you can play pool or eat some candies.

CONCLUSION: i would live, i like that kind of house, because its modern, big and it has a lot of free space and activities, you will never be bored at this kind of house. But i would not live here alone, i would like to live here with my friends, because if you live here alone, it could get a little bit boring, because for the most of the activities you can do here are made for a group of people, watching a film alone is boring, or playing pool is not interesing without a friend.

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