My dream house essay

My dream house essay.

Next, I would like to have a wide large yard around my house with far-reaching lawn and some trees around. I could breathe fresh air. The yard would be fenced and my dog could run around freely without any vulnerabilities or a danger to get lost.

Moving on to my dream house, I would like to have a two-storey spacious house. It would be a detached house. Firstly, on the ground floor there would be all the usual rooms as in all houses. The kitchen would be connected to the dining room, where would be a large wooden table for eating. I think the kitchen should have tiled floor, it fits more. From the kitchen you could get to a charming terrace outside, which would be used in summer. Next to a kitchen there would be a spacious living room with a shiny fireplace, which makes the atmosphere cosier.

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  • My dream house essay
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