My dream house presentation

My dream house. Hello everyone. First of all my dream house should be in suburb. My dream house. In the garden, I want to have a summerhouse. My garden should be very big, Where a wide variety of plants would grow. Living room should. Sitting room have. My dream bedroom should be with big bed and TV. My dining area. Kitchen is most important thing in my life. The Bathroom, should be with big bubble bath, who take me relax. One of my dreams is to have a basketball court in ideal living place. And, most important thing in my dream house is, garage, because I love cars. So that was my dream house presentation. Thanks for watching. Peace.

Hello everyone, today I want to present you how I imagine my future dream living place.

My dream house, should be not too big, but it has to be cosy, modern and stylish.

Living room should be very spacious, modern, and it have to had big windows with a beautiful view to outside.

Sitting room have to had a fire place, because this thing help guests feel a little more cosy.

My dining area, should be like this. That view relaxed me. It would be amazing to have that.

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