Vlantana Logistics Company

Vlantana Logistics Company. Background information. Mission and vision of the company. Vlantana Logistics Company works to. The Vlantana logistics company provides a wide range of services, including. Freight transport services. Intermodal cargo services. Warehousing services. Ecology. The company uses such methods as. Electronic logistics document management systems. Alternative sources of energy. Fuel use efficiency systems.

The mission is to provide efficient and professional logistics services, to pursue the business in a responsible manner taking into consideration environmental implications and using the latest technologies. The vision is to seek that the customers choose the company without delay when in need of reliable, innovative logistics services of highest quality.

The Vlantana logistics company provides a wide range of services, including:.

Freight transport services Intermodal cargo services Warehousing services The Driver Training Centre Truck wash Service station Motel and coffee shop Maintenance service Sale of used vehicles.

Vlantana UAB currently offers commercial, customs and temperature warehousing services. The available temperature range is between 0 ˚C and -30 ˚C. .

There is 23000 m2 of warehousing area and 25 unloading or loading ramps for fast and convenient load.

Efficient logistics planning Electronic logistics document management systems Efficient driving Alternative sources of energy Fuel use efficiency systems.

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