Railways Importance

Introduction. How it all began. Railways in North America. „Pasific railroad“. One Hundred years of USA commerce 1850. Rails - „Civil war weapons“. Railways in India. Evolution in India. Greatnes of India railways. Conclussion. Sources.

Ralways it is very important invention for humans. Trains accelerated faster develpment worldwide. Starting with America continent and finiching with Azia. With trains we were able faster bring everything: buldings materials, goods, peoples for citys who was far away from ports. Also we can bring minerals like coal, gold, silver, bronze, daimonds or platin from mines much more faster More detail how it‘s change „the world“ I will introduse you in my prezentation.

So now we know how this wehichle appeared, lets talk about continent where this wehichle change everything- North America

So from this table we see how rails helped to expend industry in North America. Trains transported cotton, coal, corns and others importans and not so importans goods.

We already know, how railways influenced one of the biggest country USA dovelopment, so now lets talk about also very big country- India.

In India it is six of thirteen longest railway platforms in the world and all it is in top 10:

I think that for all infrastructure Indians should be thankful for British colonist, because now rails its important part of India culture!

So from all presentation we see how important is a railways. In America railway combined west and east coasts and it is one of the most important economic development reasons in United states of America. Also trains transported a lot of importans goods without which our society would be stood. In India it is the part of culture, because peoples travel with him everywhere: In family events, such as birth, death, festivals, marriage, or illness and so on... And know I hope we all understand how this invention is significant.

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