Business plan: Logistics services company

Few tips to help boost sales figures and grow business. Company overview. L. V logistics solutions team. Services. The company provides the following services. Targer market. Company prices. Main equipment required. L. Company wages calculation. L. Company market analysis.

“L.V” company – newly opened logistics company provides provides high quality logistics services. We can offer the best transport, freight, truck rental and logistics options at the best prices.

Ceo of the company, president, finance director, accountant, personalist, administrators, repair manager, mechanics-electrics, truck drivers, warehouse workers.

Handling and order processing Transportation Warehousing Configuration and management.

L. V. company has many competitors, but all of them do not have a significant influence on the company, because it is the only company in Klaipeda, that working employees with extensive experience, but also affordable prices, which really correspond to the highest quality of work. The main customers of our company is from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Norway, USA and UK.

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  • Business plan: Logistics services company
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