Corporate plan Viva la flipflops

Corporate plan Viva la flipflops.

people's feet, which during this season may become very hot.

The most current information show us the estimated costs for our order of 500 qty flip flops product will cost : min €225.8/ max €275.29 euro

These prices are F.O.B (Free. On. Board) included that means that the supplier takes the responsibility of the ordered product to the nearest International port or airport.

The transportation costs of the product we have calculated plus minus to €250 that is 1/4 of our whole capital.

We have gathered an amount of 51 shareholders so far , with 20 euro a share comes in at a total of €1020,00 this is our current company capital.

The calculation of the highest payable interest profit to the shareholders in case if we did get put out the best profit from the flip flop.

This calculation is THE MAXIMUM of giving profit to the shareholders in the case if we sell all the flip flops out for the amount that we want after loss the expanses!

The sell price for one pair of flip flop product is €6.50 if we sell all the flip flops we get a total income of €3250.

If the shareholders gets 2.25x times profit for one share that they bought is the profit calculation as following:

20*2=€40 for one share (200%) profit. (if we sell all our flip flops one pair for the price of €6.50)

40euro*50shareholders=€2000. + minus our bought amount of €1000 for the expenses there is also over €250 total that’s =3250.

Wage taxes of staff : €1,00 a week/€4,00 a month =

The quantity of flip flops ordered will be stored in the location ''Echtenstein 175 1103 AA

Amsterdam Z.0.'', which is located near the HES/HVA, and therefore gives every staff

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