Financial Markets institutions and instruments

Bonds Represent Borrowing. Stock Represents Ownership. Types of corporate stock. Debit – a debit is. Types of finance. Corporate Finance. Time value of Money applications. PV of perpetuity formula PV. Secured debt cont’d. Terms of Repayment. Lecture Stock and Dividend policy. Two common preferences are. Type of dividens.

Auditing standards- the organizations which regulate audits, such as the institute of c

1.Business finance –is very implies finances of business activities

2.Direct Finance- as applied to the financial organization.sighnifies that savings are effected

3.Indirect Finance-refers to the flow of savings from the savers to the entrepreneurs th...

4.Private Finance-its concerned with money by inviduals, voluntary associations and corporations.

Corporate Finance –includes,apart from the financial environmeny,the defferent strategies of finance

Compunding Interest –Interest earned on ineterst. Example : Interest earned at a rate of 6 % for three years on the previous years balance.

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  • Financial Markets institutions and instruments
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