Amazing facts about crocodiles presentation

Amazing facts about crocodiles. There are 23 different species of crocodiles that live on this planet. % of the croc babies become food of large crocodiles. A crocodile with. Did you know that once a crocodile closes its mouth. Funny thing, crocs will never tear apart their prey alive. What about chewing. That’s pretty fascinating you know. Crocodiles are very. Did you know. Crocodiles have amazing vision. Especially during the night, they can see extremely well. So if you see a crocodile. Don’t go in.

99% of the croc babies become food of large crocodiles, monitor lizards, hyenas and large fish within the first year.

Crocodiles are very strong swimmers. This ability comes from their very powerful tails. But they are really „clumsy“ on the ground. They can’t go in zig zag.

Don’t go in the water. He will be waiting for you Run in zig zag If you have a gun, shot him in the belly If it gets too close just close his mouth And hopefuly you will stay alive.

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  • Amazing facts about crocodiles presentation
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