By Gabija Marija Kaktaitė Saugos J. Mikšas Basic School.

Lion for cat family predacious mammal, symbol of power. Lives in savannah, savannah forest, bushes. They live for 32 years.

Males have got  mane, they weigh about 250 kilos, females are much smaller, they weigh about 136 kilos. Wild lions can live about 10-14 years, they living in families.

The hunting of ungulates, sometimes small rodents, don't shy away even some grass or insects. Looking for prey usually at night. Adult lions often roars, the sound is heard for some kilometers. Thus they represent the territory and scattered herds of antelopes. Scattered antelopes and other beasts easier to kill, because the victim is often itself ran on the predator, so instead of chase lions often choose this option. It hunts mostly females.

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