Alcoholism presentation

Alcoholism. Why i chose this presentation? Contents. Why do people start drinking? What effect does it have on your health? How does drinking effect the persons family? How to deal with it?

Why do people start drinking alcohol? What effect does this have on health? How does it effect the persons family? How to deal with it?

Nowadays, people easily succumb to addictions. Alcohol is one of the main troubles these days. Most people get drunk on alcohol because of troubles. In my opinion, those troubles are usually financial, psychological or family troubles.

Alcohol strongly affects our health and mental state. Usually people become irritable and angry, and alcohol exhausts and pollutes their body. It usually responds to the liver or other problems after a while.

People closest to them usually want to help, offer help, but seeing a drinking father or mother for children can hurt them for a long time.

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  • Alcoholism presentation
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