Walmart Company organization and management analysis

Walmart Company organization and management analysis.

Walmart provides over 10,900 stores under 69 different brands and is located in 27 countries. Furthermore the retailer is active in e-commerce and offers its products in 10 different countries via online sale. Walmart employs 2.2 million employees worldwide, 1.3 million in U.S. alone. Walmart entered the New York Stock Exchange in 192 and did not offer common stock to the public until 1970.

Different types of characteristics are observed when investigating the allocation of Walmart stores. Walmart Supercenters, started in 1988, open 24 hours, offer pharmacies, banks, hair dressers etc. in addition to the grocery store Walmart Discount Stores on the other hand, are smaller than a super center and offer homer furnishings, health care, electronics and beauty aids. Designed in 1998, Walmart Neighborhood markets were set up to meet consumer needs with a smaller-footprint option like pharmacy, affordable groceries and merchandise. The smallest form of retail stores Walmart Express, created in 2011 especially for urban and rural areas and offers groceries and general merchandise.

Walmart started its international operations in 1991.It is currently employing more than 800,000 associates and over 5,500 stores internationally. Walmart International is actually the fastest growing area of its business activities and is presided by President & CEO Doug McMillan. For an overview, Walmart is operating in Alaska, Canada, US, Central and South America, Europe, China, Japan and India. Particularly important for our report is the entry time for the different markets. Therefore, we listed them as follows to get an overview of Walmart’s market commitment and physical distance chain among their internationalization process.

It is The top president of Walmart and directors, chairmans as main part of all structure. They give all coordinates how to conduct all retail program by creating projects and dividing project into smaller sectors. As we can see structure is fluent and clear. It is a good working method because everybody have a work to do.

According to our SWOT analysis of Walmart for the year 2015, we found that there were several strengths and weakness for Walmart.

First, Walmart has strength in its scale of operation. Walmart has their stores in several

countries like Japan, US, Canada and others. They own about 10,300 stores, which are located all around the world. Therefore, Walmart has become the world largest retailer in the world and their revenue is more than $400 millions which other retailer could not compete with it. With the large scale of operation, Walmart manages to sell their products for cheaper prices because they can buy the goods in a large scale from the supplier for a cheaper price. Walmart can reduce the price of product and the customers will get the product with lower prices since their economy of scare is high.

Walmart is a largest retailer in the world which can provide various types of products as compared to other retailers. The category of products included entertainment, health-related products, fashion, grocery, electronics and many other products. This assortment of products can attract most of the customers to purchase the products for fulfill their needs and wants for the daily life. Customers can find most of the category of goods in Walmart and no need to rush two or three shops to purchase what they.

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