Mcdonalds Fast - food restaurant Group presentation of the company

Self- study work. Group presentation of the company. Mcdonald‘s. Title Of The Company. Nature of business, busines form. Company history and Development. Dislocation, subdivisions/ branches. Technical bace. Organizational structure. The management Structure. Organizational structure. Management Structure. The number, quoalifications, experience,and promotion of employees. McDonald's can provide education opportunities. The benefits of working with McDonald's. McPassport. Foreigners Partners. Import- export. Annual turnover, profits. Strenghts and weaknesses of the company, their improvement. Competition. Research and development. Products. Environmental matters. Our investments to enhance the customer experience, including through technology, may not generate the expected returns. Prospects for Future activity. Hamburger University. Table Mcdonalds organization structure. Table Management Structure. McDonald’s profit 2010 to 2016 (in billion U. S. Dollars.

At first, macdonald was like a steak restaurant where people were served just in the car. Later, hamburgers were added to their menus, and began to gain popularity, new restaurants began to expand on the basis of the franchise, and the network was expanding. Ray Kroc contributed significantly to the development of the world. Macdonalds is known as a fast food restaurant in the world.

McDonald's story begins back in 1937 when two brothers, Richard and Maurice James McDonald opened the first barbecue restaurant in California, where customers were served simply by car. So the brothers worked successfully for 8 years, then added hamburgers to their menu. Everything began to change when the brothers met Ray Kroc, who was impressed by Richard and Maurice James McDonald's work. Which encouraged McDonald's to develop a franchising service network. After a few years of commercial success, Ray Kroc has bought Richard and Maurice's company for 2.5 million US dollars. Four years later, in 1960, Kroc has opened the 100th restaurant. Ten years after the opening of the restaurant in Chicago, McDonald's ™ publicly launches its shares for the first time. In 1967 McDonald's ™ develops a business abroad. In 1968 The McDonald's ™ menu includes a new dish.In 1971 fast food restaurant reaches Europa. In 1975 The first restaurant is opened, serving the drivers when they leave the car. In 1996 The first McDonald's restaurant opens in Lithuania. McHappy's first day as a global initiative was held in 2002. Since then it has organized annually to raise funds for needy children. In 2015 The first McCafe was opened in Lithuania.

The fourth department is Finance. It deals with the finances of the company. Its divisions are: Purchasing, Customer Accounts, and Financial Services.

Restaurant Manager (s) - Our restaurants work smoothly not by chance. All this is the merit of restaurant managers. Each manager of the restaurant is responsible for the average team of 50 people, as well as for controlling costs and profits, optimizing restaurant management, selling, managing human resources and organizing teamwork.

Deputy manager - The main task of our deputy manager is to help the restaurant manager with various managerial tasks or to present a guide upon his departure. McDonald's ™ Chief Executive Officer must be smart, able to make logical decisions and have innate ability to lead the team. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer is also responsible for the planning, preparation, recruitment and appropriate control of the staffing groups. He must ensure that the restaurant provides quality and safety, as well as actively participate in the analysis of performance and sales forecasts.

Shift supervisor - The manager of the shift ensures the quality of team work for 15-20 people at the time of the shift. Typically, his duties include the maintenance of all work in the restaurant - from customer service to production control. In addition, the shift manager is responsible for the proper maintenance of the equipment, restaurant inventory registration and maintenance of the quality of the products provided.

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