High employee turnover case solution

High employee turnover case solution.

If we take a deeper look - one of big causes is just a lack of loyalty to the company. This one might be affected because of low morale in job environment. It is possible that employees feel bad in a workplace because of poor management. Usually people quite managers, not a job. So, it can be also that employees lost trust and confidence of managers and leaders, because of their wrong behaviour.

Another, talented employees want to be more important. They are looking for promotions all the time. Not all of them come to speak for those opportunities, but silently doing their jobs and expecting that they will be recognized. Usually they have vision in their heads and waiting for the moment when they will be accomplished, because of their hard work. Some of them even imagining to be leaders in a company. If those scenarios does not happen in their expected time – they choose to try their luck in other companies, because they believe in themselves that they can take better positions or at least get some awards in the same amount of time, which they spent in our company.

Finally, job is not easy and often requires to work overtime. Employees get tired and sometimes they feel like they are living in a workplace. For those who are careerists it is okay and usually that type of people are working in our comapany. However, if we want them to work longer for us, we have to make sure that their expectations are able to become true and frequent stress is worth. Otherwise, they become unsatisfied by what they are doing and starts looking for more free time or even other jobs.

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  • High employee turnover case solution
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