Volkswagen problems 2015

Volkswagen problems 2015.

Firstly, Volkswagen has admitted that this scandal was not only caused by ‘rogue engineers’ but it was caused by a chain of errors in all the levels of the company. This brings the question on how trusted a business like VW can be as it was only said that there was a ‘rule-breaking mentality’ which has caused this whole scandal to happen. On the other hand employees of VW might have thought that being in such a massive and successful company would mean that nothing bad can happen and that nothing would happen if they broke rules just to meet the goals they were set. Scandal of Volkswagen shows that ethics is a really important aspect in the business world and that not everything should be about profit even though businesses are mainly profit driven. Ethics mostly relates to trust from customers which was destroyed after the scandal as customers feel scared as they can’t trust with what is really in their cars. .On the other hand even if ethics are an important aspect, businesses will always focus on the profit as being ethical does have an impact on a successful business but profit helps business grow.

Accountants have played a huge part in the biggest scandals of the last century. One of the biggest examples for this could be Enron (2001), where their auditors have made a mistake while doing the judging the state of the business in an unfair way.

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