Kaunas roads company

Kaunas roads company.

Lithuania, being a member of the EU, actively participate in the European Commission's initiative to set up the Transport Working Group. It is expected to improve the roads in view of the growing public transport needs to integrate the Lithuanian roads in the road network to make the network of paved roads in Lithuania developed regions are more evenly, making road traffic safer and more comfortable. State and local road network development, road maintenance and repair is used in road maintenance and development program funding and European Union financial aid funds.

Activity: Road construction, civil works, asphalt production, articulated production, concrete products, mechanisms for hire, debris reception, street maintenance in winter, laboratory.

Started in: 2011. June | End of Work: 2012. December | The value of work: 35 million. Without VAT

A.Juozapavičiaus pr. During reconstruction the 2.6 kilometer long section of the prospectus of King Mindaugas to Panemunė bridge will be widened to 14 meters. It will also update covering the sidewalks, public transport stops, traffic lights, lighting and storm water system.

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