Creative Economy

Practical task 3 sectors and the enterprises. Three sectors that I chose. R&D enterprise “Saules Energija”. R&D enterprise Volkswagen. R&D Enterprise Bayer. Fashion Amisu. Fashion Dior. Fashion Nike. Architecture BIG or Bjarke Ingels Group. Architecture SHoP architects. Architecture Perkins + Will.

R&D - I chose this sector because I think that this sector has a huge impact on a country’s economic situation and this sector is widely connected to innovations Fashion - I chose this sector because it is a very creative and unique sector and it helps the humanity to be different and it also brings different feelings to people Architecture - I chose this sector because it shows how can a simple building can become very unique and can even influence the economy of the country because of its uniqueness and creativity.

This is a Lithuanian enterprise Very creative because it helps to protect the environment by using solar energy. This enterprise is unique because it offers different solar batteries with a different design and size, so that the solar batteries would become a part of creative design and would not ruin the look of the building, etc. This enterprise is also creative because they keep on searching on different innovations and designs that would improve the work of those solar pannels. This enterprise never stops on searching and creating new types of the solar energy.

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