Visitor analysis of Winter Wonderland presentation

Background. Travel & Interpretation. Visitor profile. Marketing. Pre-bookable attractions. Experiential Dimensions. (Pine and Gilmore, 1999Problems (Trip Advisor, 2017Competitors. Ice rinks, London. Comparison. Winter wonderland in Germany (Europa ParkTheme parks. Theme parks. Six Dimensions of the THEMEQUAL model. Recommendations. Re-opens in. Thank you for attention!Any questions? References.

Background; Travel; Marketing; SWOT; Experience analysis; Theory on experience; Theory on theme parks; Theory on seasonal fairs/experiences; Recommendations; References.

In London for over 10 years; Receives millions of visitors every year (over 14m!); Resembles a Wonderland.... in Winter; Offers an array of activities and entertainment; There are both ticketed and free attractions; UK’s largest open-air ice rink; Circus and other kids shows; Themed bars with live music and entertainment; Giant Observation Wheel; Rides, Christmas Markets, food & beverages stalls; Offers a ‘Santa Land’ experience.

Domestic and international visitors; Families with children; Groups of youth and elderly people; Adults; Couples; Disabled people; School groups. (Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, 2017).

Over 200 charming Bavarian-style wooden chalets attracting people with traditional Christmas decorations and unique gifts. Winter Wonderland is full of beautiful jewellery, accessories, clothing, handmade crafts and other amazing stuff. Christmas Market is full of unique sweets, treats and traditional things, such as hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Rides; Circus/entertainment shows; Live music; Prize games; etc.

Christmas lights and decorations; Bonfire; Ice rink; Bavarian-style stalls; Ice Bar and sculptures.

Ice rink has a guide who supports skate learning.

Christmas market; Christmas music; Fake snow at the stalls; Funfair lights and decorations; High level attractions (surrounding).

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