LIDL Marketing Strategy

Analysis of “ Lidl ” marketing Strategy. Micro environment analysis. Macro environment analysis SWOT analysis Strengths. PESTLE analysis Political. Social Technologic Legal Environment Market Positioning vis – a’ – vis competitors.

In July 2000 first giant German supermarket Lidl launched business in Ireland. Since then, Lidl opened over 200 stores across the country and employs over 4.500 people nationwide in various positions, levels of experience and wide range of backgrounds.

Lidl well knew worldwide as cheap price supermarkets. According John Grohan of Supervalue in Athlone, that the Lidl chain arrival in Ireland is cause a price war against supermarkets in Ireland.(RTE Archives 2017).

Since entering in Irish market, Lidl offering Irish people up to 800 European food brands, but also buys €700 million worth of products from over 200 Irish suppliers which delivers home grown products, such as:

To successfully analyses Lidl marketing strategy can be deducted a 7 P’s analysis:

Product: Lidl is selling own brands with high quality at a low price. Also, Lidl has a policy for stocking Irish brands and produce.

Price: Lidl is known worldwide for its very competitive prices offering the lowest on the market. Lidl is having a number of employees in stores and selling fast moving products. All payments are made on the check outs before leaving a store.

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