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Successful achiever. Gabe Logan Newell. Gabe Logan Newell. Achievments. Inspired by Michael. Why? Gabe Newell is the creator of one of my favorite games. Questions. Gabe’s. Answers. “Gaben”. Billion US$.

Gabe Logan Newell born November 3, 1962, commonly known by his nickname Gaben , is an American computer programmer and businessman best known as the co-founder of the video game development and digital distribution company Valve. Born in Colorado, he attended Harvard University in the early 1980s, but dropped out and worked for Microsoft, where he worked as a producer for some of the early Windows operating systems. While still working at the company during the mid-1990s, Newell and his co-worker Mike Harrington became convinced that video games were the future of entertainment after playing id Software's Doom and Quake. Intrigued by the prospect of having their own game development studio, Gabe and Harrington left Microsoft in 1996 to found Valve, where Newell remains president.

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