Strict discipline

Strict discipline.

To sum up, strict discipline has a detrimental effect on young people. I believe that it is unneeded because a self-conscious and strong personality is more important than an ability to obey the rules.

The second difficulty is euro's introduction's costs for business. Enterprises will have a lot of expenses due to need to reprogram their cash registers and other technique, recount the salaries and do other necessary things. Clearly, these expenses are inevitable and businessmen should have been prepared for that since the announcement about Lithuania's acceptance in the Eurozone. What is more, not having to exchange currency for international payments, companies will save a lot of money.

To conclude, the introduction of euro in Lithuania is expected to cause some issues. However, I am sure that they can be solved easily and the benefits of euro will prevail.

What is more, volunteering broadens one’s mind. It shows that money is not the most important thing by encouraging to help other people without asking for payment.

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